Линия для производства бисквитных коржейLine for the production of sponge cakes
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Confectionery industry

Sponge cakes production line

Cake making equipment

Line for the production of sponge cakes

Cakes equipment

Production of sponge cakes has ancient traditions.

Sponge dough is the base for huge amount of light, puffy and tasty cakes and rolls.

Traditionally sponge cakes are produced by pouring the dough into forms and on the baking trays with further baking in the baking cabinets.

UkrTechnoFoods Ltd. has developed and offers the continuous operation line for sponge cake production.

Equipment works in the following way:

Prepared sponge dough is injected by pump into the bunker of forming machine 1 from which a thin layer of dough is fed to the belt of tunnel oven 2. After baking the continuous sponge dough ribbon gets to the offtaking (branch) conveyor that is under the oven. On it the sponge is cooled and fed to the knife mechanism 3 where firstly the edges of ribbon are cut then cross cutting into pieces of the required length is made. Further pieces are fed to the spreading device 4 where they are covered with the layer of filling and after that - to the piler. Piler puts the pieces with filling into the 4 sheet piles, and the fifth sheet without filling is put on the top of pile manually.

Line can operate around-the-clock.Advantages of the line:

•    high capacity
•    decrease in the number of employees
•    even baking
•    low power-intensity

Cake production line

Cake making equipment

Making cake

Technical characteristics:

Capacity, kg/h


Installed capacity, kW


Power consumption, kW


Voltage, V


Maintenance staff, persons per shift


Overall dimensions:

- length, mm


- width, mm


- Height, mm


Only high quality materials and components of leading manufacturers of EuropeMaking cakes and world are used in manufacturing of lines by our company.We will carry out the optimal layout of your production premises taking into account the line dimensions and technological requirements. We also provide you with a project for supplying communications - electricity, water, sanitation and ventilation. Our specialists will carry out installation, commissioning, adjustment of equipment, training and qualifying evaluation of your staff, provide with recipe and technology, offer transport and customs service.

Our specialists will be happy to consult you on all questions you are interested in.

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