Линия для производства вафельLine for the production of wafer
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Confectionery industry

Automatic line for wafers production with capacity of 150 kg/h

Wafers making machine

The process of flat wafer production consists of the following steps:


  • batter cooking;
  • wafer sheets baking;
  • wafer sheets cooling;
  • filling preparation;
  • sheets spreading with calibration;
  • spread blocks cooling;
  • blocks cutting;
  • glazing and decorating sliced wafers (in accordance with your desire);
  • wafers pre-packing

Batter cooking
Waffle batter should have a liquid consistency and a minimum viscosity, which allows pumping it out by the pump. Waffle batter should evenly and quickly spread on the surface of the wafer forms for baking, which makes it possible to produce thin wafer sheets - the main half-finished wafer product. In the continuous method of wafer batter a concentrated emulsion of all raw materials (except flour) with a minimal amount of water is preliminarily prepared.
Dough after mixing is pumped into the expenditure vessel with a heating shirt.

Wafer sheets bakingWafer maker machine
Baking of wafer sheets is carried out in special furnaces between two massive metal plates. Dough shaping comes directly on the heated surface of the plate. The surface of the plate, filled with dough, can be even, engraved or figured. Depending on this you can get wafer sheets with even or engraved surface, or with figures of different shapes.

Wafer sheets cooling
Baked wafer sheets have a temperature of 150-170 ° C, they must be cooled to the room temperature. Wafer sheets are highly porous products that can absorb or give moisture during keeping maturing that depend on the residual moisture in them after baking and a relative humidity of the environment. These processes continue until the equilibrium moisture coming and are accompanied by changes in linear sheets dimensions, which is the main cause of warping and cracking of the sheets in the process of keeping maturing.
Depending on production conditions and available equipment sheets cooling is held in piles in workshop premises or cradle conveyer.
Used keeping maturing and wafer sheets cooling in the piles create the conditions for their warping, as еру moisture of outlying and central parts of sheets vary irregularly. This entails an uneven change in linear dimensions of some parts of sheets.
The most rational way of wafer sheet keeping to mature is a separate sheet cooling at net conveyer. Due to the even access of air to the sheet surface the penetration of moisture happens in the sheet over the entire surface, in all its areas, accompanied by an even change in linear dimensions of the sheet, so that warping and cracking of wafer sheets eliminate. 

Filling preparationWafers machine
Fat, fruit and berry, praline, fondant and other fillings are used for layers. Taste of wafers is primarily determined by the specific properties of crispy wafer sheets. Therefore, fillings used for the layer of wafer sheets, when moisture migrates from them in sheets during wafers storage, should not lower the crispy properties of products. Used fillings should have minimum moisture and the presence of moisture in them should not be free but tightly bound by the components of the filling. 
Wafers with fatty fillings are produced in the largest volume, that is explained by almost absence of free water in the filling and, consequently, preserving long-term properties of crispy wafers. Fatty fillings are characterized by high plasticity.
The main components of fatty fillings recipe are powdered sugar and confectionery, or hydrogenated fats. The base of fatty fillings quality is the ability to be sated by air during kneading (the ability to cream-formation). The best fat saturation by air during kneading happens when you use the crystallized fat. Before mixing the fat should be melt in rendering tank.
Besides the main components the recipe of fat fillings includes recurrent waste products (cuttings) of the same kinds of wafers with filling, which are cut into very small pieces in the grinding machine.

Sheets spreading with calibrationWafer production line
Spreading machines are used for putting the layers of cream, stacking of wafer sheets and subsequent calibration of wafer blocks. 

Spread blocks cooling
After spreading wafer blocks are cooled in coolers.

Blocks cutting
To cut the wafer layers are used stringed cutting machines. When cutting wafer layers recurrent waste products (cuttings) are formed, after cutting very small they are brought into the appropriate types of fillings not more than 12% by weight of the filling.

On the request of the customer line can be equipped with glazing equipment, decorating and packaging of sliced wafers.

Wafer baking machine


Baking wafers

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