Линия производства сахарного печеньяLine for the production of cookies
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Confectionery industry

Biscuit production line

In the production of confectionery, cookies take the largest share, and one of its major types - sweet biscuits.
LLC UkrTechnoFoods offers a full range of equipment for producing precisely these cookies.

Thus all stages of production take place automatically, without human intervention, who only has to load raw materials and control the process.

Technology of production of sweet biscuits is simple enough.
Prepared by known techniques at the dough-preparing section 11.1 dough conveyor 12 is delivered into the hopper of rotational molding machine 14, where it is molded by removable drum, which determines the pattern and shape of the biscuits.

Further, molded cookies served on the tape electric tunnel kiln of continuous effect 15, where it is baked. After baking, passing through the cooling chamber of the oven, the product is delivered by the inclined conveyor 16 on the upper tier of tiered conveyor-cooler 17, where it comes from on the site packing 18.

The product range can be expanded with additional molding drums (rotors) with various patterns and shapes of cookies. Drums can be made with milled on bronze or Teflon coating, with a pattern and form cookies according to the design of the customer or from a catalog of the manufacturer.

Line for the production of biscuit

Equipment for confectionery production from "Ukrtechnofoods":

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