Линия для производства бараночных изделийAutomatic bread ring production line using the tunnel oven
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Confectionery industry

Automatic bread ring production line using the tunnel oven

Bread ring production

Bread ring equipment

Bread ring machinery

Bread ring automatic line

The line is designed to produce a large range of bread rings.

Classic bread rings producing technology includes the following steps: 


  • dough cooking;
  • rubbing;
  • dough proofing;
  • half-finished product forming (dough rolling);
  • laying half-finished product into the baking tray;
  • stacking tray on trolley;
  • proofing of pieces on trolleys in proofing chambers;
  • baking on trolleys in rotary ovens;
  • cooling on the trolleys;
  • baked bread rings taking down from trolleys and baking trays;
  • pre-packing (weighing)

It should be about 7-10 people for the traditional type of production.

Our technology has reduced a lot of stages, and allowed us to get a high quality product with an amazing shine. Our line includes the following steps: 


  • dough cooking;
  • half-finished product forming (dough rolling);
  • steam treatment on stainless belt of tunnel furnace;
  • baking in tunnel furnace;
  • cooling on the conveyor;
  • pre-packing (weighing)

For our type of production it is needed 1-2 people to prepare the dough.

Further the line works in automatic mode.
Invented by us technology of steam treatment of half-finished products allows to get rid of dough rubbing and proofing, and gives already baked bread rings an excellent shine. As the experience showed, a "Brilliant (shining) bread rings" are more interesting for the buyer! Also it’s important to notice that our tunnel oven has a very wide range of temperature control and speed (time) of baking. That allows you to configure a line under any type of bread rings products. Also it is possible to bake different kinds of pastries, muffins and other confectionery in this tunnel oven.

The line includes:


  • dough kneading machine for stiff dough;
  • rolling and dividing machine;
  • tunnel oven with steam chamber and steam utilizing system;
  • steam generator;
  • conveyor for cooling

* Also, the line can be equipped with additional equipment (flour-sifter, rendering tank, weights, vat dumper, sach dumper, etc.) and packaging machines (semiautomatic).

Technical characteristics of the line:

Capacity (depends on the type of product), kg/h

from 30 to 50

Installed capacity, kW


Power consumption, kW


Dimensions, mm


Bread ring line


Варианты комплектации линии:

1) С двумя формовочными машинами

Bread ring equipments

2) С тремя формовочными машинами

Bread rings line

3) С пятью формовочными машинами

Bread ring line

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Линия для производства бараночных изделий на базе туннельной печи с шириной пода 1250 мм (Киевская обл., Украина)

Пусконаладочные работы линии на базе туннельной печи с шириной пода 2000 мм (Белоруссия)

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