Автоматическая линия для производства армянского лавашаAutomatic line for the production of Armenian lavash
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Confectionery industry

Automatic line for the production of Armenian lavash

The latest product of our engineering and design department in the AL line for the production of thin Armenian lavash. Lavash produced on this equipment will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The next stage in the development of automatic lines. On the lines AL-90 in contrast to the lines AL-60, you can bake lavash not only of rectangular, but also of oval or round shape.


Currently, manufacturers of thin Armenian lavash who use the traditional technology of its manufacturing and operating on the old energy-intensive equipment and handicraft ovens face a number of fundamental problem:

  • large number of employees;
  • increased demands to the skills of molders and bakers;
  • high power-consumption;
  • thickened outer edge of the product;
  • short term storage of the product;
  • high cost of lavash;

Taking into account these problems, our design and technological department, basing on professional experience and using the knowledge gained from our manufacturing areafor the production of thin Armenian lavash, introduced anew technology in the production of this product and equipment for its output.

New technology of lavash production protected by patents of Ukraine, Russia and Armenia, is fundamentally different from traditional one.

In the traditional method dough is divided into pieces, rolled and baked individually. Our automated production lines for manufacturing thin lavash in the automatic mode form, roll, stretch, cutlavash into pieces of desired shape (rectangular, oval, round) and bake it.

The advantages of automatic production lines:

  • higher productivity (up to 2.5 tons per day);
  • reduction of energy intensity by at least three times, compared to traditional technology;
  • decreaseof the number of employees to 6-7 times compared to traditional technology;
  • reduction of requirements to professional skills of employees;
  • even baking and, consequently, increased shelf life;
  • even thickness over the entire area of lavash (without thick edges);
  • suitable shape and size of the product for the packaging and using;
  • already cut in portions, ready-to-serve lavash;
  • excellent marketableappearance;
  • quick payback of line.;

Total cost of the final product is much lower, and it means, its price is more competitive.

Ready lavash can be packaged in a rectangular polyethylene or polypropylene bags with labels or without them manually or automatically. In addition, it can be twisted into coils with self-adhesive label in the form of "sweets" that are compressed on the edges by the clipping.

For our customers from European Union and other European countries we manufacture lines which satisfy all requirements of appropriate European Directives. They meet all European Standards and have CE Eurocertificate.


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