Цепные транспортеры (пластинчатые)Chain (slat) conveyors
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Confectionery industry

Chain (slat) conveyors

Slat conveyorsChain conveyorsConveyor chain


«UkrTechnoFood» company produces manifold chain (slat) conveyers, designated for moving packaged cargo (crates, boxes, packs, sacks, bottles, jars, flasks…).

We produce the following chain conveyers:

  • straight, inclined, revolving;
  • fixed and mobile;
  • single-impression and multi-impression;
  • with boards and without them.

Chain conveyers are formed from separate units, which allow changing their configuration depending on the set tasks.

Conveyer belt of a chain conveyer consists of separate modular steel or plastic plates.

The boards of chain (slat) conveyers can be adjusted by length and by width. Chain conveyers can be rigged by electronic and pneumatic devices: (sensors, meters, control elements, actuating devices).We develop, produce and carry out the assembly of chain (slat) conveyers of any configuration and complexity to a specific customer need.


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