ВибротранспортерыVibrating conveyors
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Confectionery industry

Vibrating conveyer

Vibrating conveyorVibrating conveyer


«UkrTechnoFoods» company produces vibrating conveyers, designed for various operating processes, namely:

  • packaged products ramming (flour, powders, etc.);
  • products aeration;
  • steam curing (pasta goods, etc.);
  • clean-up of fine fractions, dust, rot;
  • product batching;
  • product calibration.

Vibrating conveyers are used in various operating processes as a separate item, and as part of a complete plant.

Vibrating conveyers can be manufactured from stainless steel for moving food products.

At moving non-food products vibrating conveyers can be produced from iron.
We develop, produce and assemble vibrating conveyers of various capacity and dimensions, exclusively to customer needs. To formulate a technical assignment contact our specialists.


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