Ковшовые транспортеры (нории)Keg conveyors
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Confectionery industry

Keg conveyer

Keg conveyorsKeg conveyers


The company «UkrTechnoFoods» produces 2 types of keg conveyers, designed for moving bulk materials:

  • belt type, which are used for hoisting light products (grain, groats, cuttings..);
  • chain type – for heavy materials (coal, chippings, break-stone, etc.).

Keg conveyers are produced of different height and capacity.   
The working elements of the conveyers are scoops, fastened on a belt or on chains.

Loading is carried out with the help of the loading bin, installed at the footing of the conveyer, and the unloading of the product is effected with the help of a special branch.

We develop, produce and assemble keg conveyers of various capacity and dimensions for specific customer needs.


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