Макаронная линия 500 кг/часLine for the production of pasta LAM-500
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Confectionery industry

Automated short-cut vacuum pasta production line with capacity of 500 kg/h

Pasta production line with capacity of 500 kg/h allows producing 10-12 tons of pasta a day.

Pasta production line with capacity of 500 kg/h of dry product is configured depending on customer request.

The optimal set of equipment of the line:


  • Flour sifter-conveyor;
  • Vacuum automatic press;
  • Mobile conveyor;
  • Vibrating conveyor with a steam chamber;
  • Electrical steam generator;
  • Feeding conveyor;
  • Conveyor drying chamber with a conveyor dispenser;
  • Exit conveyor;
  • Vibrating conveyor with a steam chamber;   
  • Electrical steam generator;
  • Elevators;
  • Additional conveyor drying chamber for completion of drying, stabilization and cooling;
  • Exit conveyor;
  • Storage bin;
  • Weighting & packing device with feeding and branch conveyors;
  • Matrixes take-off and hoisting device;
  • Line elements control panel.

At the request of a customer such a configuration can be complemented by:


  • system of automatic flour feeding from silos to the sifter;
  • automatic extruder shaft cooler with a closed contour;
  • module for controlling the worm revolutions;
  • device for sacks serial packing;
  • moulds of severaltypes;
  • mould washing device;
  • sacks hoister-dumper;
  • gas heat generator.

For production of vermicelli, noodles, cobweb – drying chambers are completed by additional polymer networks.

For installing the line a space of 400 square meters is necessary, with no account of storage and amenity spaces. The ceiling height of the production spaces must be no less than 4.5 meters.

The line is designated for round the clock work with small breaks for matrixes replacement.

Подача макарон в бункер накопитель
Упаковка макронных изделий
Упаковочный автомат

Technical characteristics:

Dry basis throughput, kg per hour

500 ± 15%




Vacuum depth, atm.

0.8 +0,1/-0.05

Dough pressure, atm.

120 ± 10

Drying time without additional drying chamber (for thin products), min.


Drying time with additional drying chamber (for special thick products), min.


Installed power, kW



Consumed power, kW



Water consumption rate for dough, liters per hour


Gas consumption, m³/h



Operating area, m²


(h=3.5 m)


(h=4.5 m)

Operating staff, men


Voltage, V


Rated frequency, Hz