Изготовление мангалов для шашлыкаBarbecue production machine
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Изготовление мангалов для шашлыка

Barbecue production grillThe company "UkrTechnoFoods" produces barbecues different designs and shapes. Our grills are ideal for restaurants, bars, cafes, fast foods, as well as for those who like to cook a delicious barbecue at home or in nature.

For the convenience of cooking in the design and manufacture of barbecues we take into account all the nuances: Our grills are equipped with lighting, ventilation, extractor fan. In the production of barbecues, we use only high-quality materials and components.Grill barbecue

Depending on the wishes of the customer we produce collapsible braziers, solid, simple, professional, electric, firewood, charcoal, electric, with artistic forging and so on.

Also at customer BBQ can be additionally equipped with:
- Skewers;
- Poker;
- Shovel;
- Gridiron;
- And others. Accessories.

Contact us in any convenient way, and our experts will answer all your questions!


Barbecue grill

Fast food equipment

Equipment for fast-food, pizzeria and cafe:

Bakery tunnel ovens

Line for pizza base (dough) forming

Conveyors for sushi-bars (kaitens), restaurants and cafeterias



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