Оборудование для приготовления шашлыкаEquipment for barbecue cooking
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Confectionery industry

Equipment for barbecue cooking

Equipment for barbecue cookingEquipment for barbecue cooking is intended to simplify the cooking process, make it automated. Our technology allows cooking delicious barbecue without necessity of attracting qualified workers.
Technological process
Skewers with meat are placed into the cooking chamber, where the electric heating elements are. During the cooking skewers rotate on an axis as well as round the heating elements. Due to such motion and special placing of the heaters in the chamber the uniform distribution of a heat along the whole surface of meat is made, this optimizes barbecue cooking process significantly. After the cooking a barbecue becomes delicate and soft, and the taste of dish makes your customers happy.  
Operation of equipment can be corrected with the help of control panel. For cooking different heating modes are available, this allows saving on electric energy.  

Technical specifications

Power, kW


Cooking time, min (is regulated)


Number of skewers, pcs


Overall dimensions, mm


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