Линия для производства тестовых основ для пиццыLine for pizza base (dough) forming
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Confectionery industry

Line for pizza base (dough) forming

Dough is loaded into the bunker of extruder 1, which forms dough ribbon. Dough ribbon is additionally rolled through a couple of rolling shafts 2, after that it gets to the conveyor preparation table 3. Further round dough pieces are cut with drum knives 4. Dough scraps (cuttings) are moved away by the conveyor for scraps transportation.

Operator manually takes ready dough bases from the conveyor  of the line or they can be passed to the refrigeratory tunnel for freezing.
Installed capacity is 2,1 kW.

Pizza base production


Equipment for fast-food, pizzeria and cafe:

Kebab production machine

Оборудование для приготовления шашлыка

Bakery tunnel ovens

Conveyors for sushi-bars (kaitens), restaurants and cafeterias

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