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Confectionery industry

Tunnel ovens for confectionery industry


The company "UkrTechnoFoods" produces electric tunnel ovens both for small businesses and large confectionery and bakery plants. Ovens are intended to produce different kinds of  confectionery products (wheel wares, sugar cookies, etc.) and bakery products (Armenian lavash, Georgian puri, pita and others).

The ovens is an insulated chamber within which the conveyer belt is moving. The chamber is made of sandwich panels that minimize heat loss. Furnace heating elements - infrared heaters - heating elements, which are controlled by temperature control. The trimming of tunnel furnace can be made of stainless steel and black metal coated with high-temperature paint.

Types of products manufactured at our tunnel ovens:

  • national kinds of bread (Armenian lavash, Georgian lavash, matnakash, pita, chapatti, tortilla, ossetian pie, etc.);
  • pizza;
  • bread ring products;
  • sugar cookies;
  • waffles;
  • crackers;
  • cookies with filling;
  • cookies type "Mary";
  • tunnel furnace;
  • line for production of puff pastry;
  • taralli;
  • etc.

Conveyor speed (baking time) is continuously adjustable over a wide range. We produce ovens of various capacity, width and length (in accordance with your desire). We can attach ovens under the already existing customer’s equipment (at the entrance and exit of the ovens). Sole of the tunnel ovens can be of 3 types:


steel tape

chain (tracked)


steel tape

chain (tracked)

Depending on the length tunnel ovens may consist of one or more independent zones. In each zone, the temperature is regulated by thermo regulators. The lower zone of ovens also along the entire length is controlled by thermo regulators. All ovens are equipped with control cabinet and control panel.

The ovens can be equipped with additional elements:

  • device for the treatment of products with steam or spraying (on the entrance of the ovens);
  • cooling conveyors, many-tier or rotary at an angle 90 ˚ or 180 ˚ (on the exit);
  • entrance conveyor with a knife converge (on the entrance);
  • automatic belt centering system.

The company "UkrTehnoFoods” develops, manufactures, and installs equipment in the customer premises, trains the personnel to operate the equipment according to customer's specifications.

Пусконаладочные работы линии на базе туннельной печи с шириной пода 2000 мм (Белоруссия)

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