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Confectionery industry

Moulds and dies

Moulds are the components of pasta presses, and they serve to produce various kinds of pasta goods.

Moulds sufficiently influences:

  • pasta press capacity;
  • pasta goods quality. 

We manufacture round and «pen-type» moulds.

Round moulds form all the types of short-cut pasta goods. Diameter of mould depends on the press capacity. We manufacture moulds with the diameter up to 480 mm. «Pen-type» moulds are designed for producing pasta with feathering. We manufacture pen-type moulds with a cutting mechanism.

Mould frames are generally manufactured from stainless steel, and also from non-ferrous alloys (bronze, brass).

Dies of moulds are replaceable, produced from high-quality teflon, providing a smooth surface of pasta goods, which is of no little significance for vendibility.   The time of full-value service of dies depends on the type of pasta goods; grade, quality and grinding coarseness of the flour used; observance of the pasta production technology, etc.

The experience demonstrates that for organizing successful pasta sales it is necessary to have, at least, 7-10 matrixes. Each type of pasta goods has its own technological peculiarities. Our specialists will help you to select the mould type with account of salability, complexity of manufacturing, peculiarities of drying of a given pasta type, and also durability.

We also offer a mould washing device.

Pasta equipment manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods Ltd.:

Line for the production of short-cut pasta 250 kg/h

Line for the production of short-cut pasta 400 kg/h

Line for the production of short-cut pasta 500 kg/h

Line for the production of short-cut pasta 750 kg/h

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