Транспортеры для суши баров (кайтены), ресторанов и столовыхConveyors for sushi-bars (kaitens), restaurants and cafeterias
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Transporters for sushi bars (Kite), restaurants and canteens

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LLC "UkrTechnoFoods"   is the only Ukrainian company specializing in the production of kaiten (sushi conveyor).

For the place of any shape according to customer specification we can produce a sushi conveyor of convenient configuration which will be integratedorganicallyinto the interior of your sushi bar or a sushi restaurant.

Countless Japanese restaurants of major cities of the CIS tend to differ from its competitors not only by the quality of prepared dishes, but also by interior design and other unique selling propositions. One of them may be the kaiten - sushi conveyor on which portions of food are moving: sushi passes directly in front of the client, and he chooses what to take. In Japan, the kaiten is not innovation, but in Russia and Ukraine this system is not yet very widespread and may serve as a good competitive advantage. Therefore, as a rule, sushi conveyors are installed in the sushi bars and sushi restaurants that want to stand out from its competitors.

Sushi conveyor (kaiten) is designed for a large number of customers and better productivity - it's a fundamentally different way of selling sushi to customers.

Kaiten for sushi consists of the frame, walls, chain, sectors and belt drive - alternating current motor with frequency converter, which allows you to change the speed from 4 to 10 m / min. Sector elements are embedded in the chain, which runs inside the frame and is acarrying part of the conveyor.

Sectors like sushi-conveyorframe are made of stainless steel and allow you to place a plate with a base diameter of 100 mm on the belt. The chain of belt drive is made of plasticwhat allows you to do the work of conveyor silent.

The optimum speed of the sushi conveyor’s belt is 8 cm / s (about 5 m / min). This speed ensures the safety of people sitting at the conveyor belt, but at the same time not forcing customers to wait long time for a plate of sushi and provides them with the necessary amount of food. A higher speed leads to a rapid drying of sushi (if the plate is not covered by a transparent cover).

Over the past year and a half the amount of sushi restaurants in Ukraine increased by 2-2.5 times. This is the highest growth among different segments of the restaurant business.

In Europe and the Middle East in total there are about 800 kaitens. CIS countries currently have a huge potential for development of kaiten sushi restaurants.

We have constructed and installed kaiten conveyors in restaurant "Vagon-restoran" (restaurant chain “Kozyrnaya Karta”) and such sushi bars as "Yakitoriya," "Seven Samurai".

LLC "UkrTechnoFoods" designs, manufactures and installs customized conveyors for cafeterias, bars and restaurants.

For cafeterias we manufacture conveyors, carrying used dishes from the dining hall in the dishwashing room. Conveyors may be of different lengths and are made of stainless steel.
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Sushi conveyors

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