Полуавтомат для производства питы и чапати ЛП-700Semi-automatic line for pita and chapatti production LP-700
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Confectionery industry

Semi-automatic line for pita and chapatti production LP-700

Pita making machine


Chapati press machine

Pita, pitta is round flat bread which is made of usual wheat bakery flour as well as of hard wheat flour.  It is extremely popular in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. There are many types of pita – Arabic pita, Maltese pita, Indian chapatti, Iraq flatbread etc.

The distinctive characteristic of Arabic pita is that water steam which is formed in dough during pita baking is accumulated in bubble in the middle of the flatbread, separating the layers of dough. Thus, a pocket is formed in pita. The pocket could be opened by cutting the edge of pita with a sharp knife for filling it with salad and meet.


Pita and chapatti

Pita bread making machine

Production pita

Semi automatic pita equipment



Production process is implemented according to the product sheet and consists of the following operations:

Flour is loaded into the vibrating flour sifter 1, from where it gets to a dough dish of the dough kneading machine 3 (required quantity is regulated by floor scales), the water is added with the help of water batcher 2, other ingredients are added manually.  With the help of kneading organ of dough kneading machine 3 smooth elastic dough mass is made. Ready dough is loaded into the dough dividing machine 4 which divides the dough into pieces of the required weight. Cut dough pieces are put manually in the wooden trays 5 in which they pass the process of preliminary proof. Trays are designed in such way so that in the process of their putting on each other a closed chamber with its own microclimate, required for the proof, is formed. After the preliminary proof dough pieces are being made flat and round with the help of rolling machine 6. Ready dough pieces are put on the belt of the conveyor for proof 7 where the final proof before the feeding of pieces to the electric tunnel oven is made. From the output conveyor of the proof chamber dough pieces are automatically put on the hearth of the tunnel oven 8. After the baking pita is cooled on the cooling conveyor 9 from which baked and cooled pita pieces are taken, put together into the piles on the table 10 for stabilization and transfer by operator for the packaging.

Tunnel oven has a system of oven’s speed control for choosing the most optimal baking time as well as heating zones control system for creation of the most optimal temperature mode.

Pita and chapatti equipment

Pita rolling machine

Semi automatic chapati machine

Another equipment for pita and chapatti production manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods Ltd.:

Automatic line for pita production with the capacity of 3000 pcs/h


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