Полуавтоматическая линия  для производства тортильиSemi-automatic line for tortilla production
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Confectionery industry

Semi-automatic line for tortilla production

Semi automatic line for production of tortilla

Flour is loaded into the sifter 1, from where it gets to the dough dish 3, the water is added to the same place with the help of batcher 5. The made mass is transferred to the dough kneading machine 4, where the final stage of dough preparing is made. Ready dough is put on the table 6, on which it is divided to portions required for loading into the bunker of dough dividing machine 7 with rolling device, from which round dough pieces are put on trays 8 and pass proof process. Dough balls are passed manually to the press 9, in which they are being made round and flat, after that formed dough pieces are automatically transferred to the oven 10. The oven has two cooking hearths and three conveyors for cooling and stabilization. After the oven ready product is passed by conveyor 11 to a stacker 12, which distributes the product to two piles. These piles with required quantity of tortillas are manually transferred to the table 13, where the final packaging of the product is made.

Semi automatic line for production of wheat tortilla

Tortilla semi automatic line

Semi automatic line tortilla

Semi automatic line for production of wheat tortilla


Tortilla equipment manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods Ltd.:

Automatic line for production of wheat tortilla

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