Автоматическая линия для производства спагетти и короткорезанных макаронных изделий 300 кг/чAutomatic line for spaghetti and short-cut pasta production with the capacity of 300 kg/h
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Automatic line for spaghetti and short-cut pasta production with the capacity of 300 kg/h

Spaghetti production


Spaghetti production process

Due to using extrusion dies and spinnerets made by Landucci company (Italy) our automatic line for spaghetti production can also produce different types of pasta products.

 Types of pasta

You can find these and another  types of products in Landucci catalogue.


Spaghetti manufacturers



As of today spaghetti is one of the most popular Italian dishes, well-known andfavorite worldwide. This product is popular due to the following factors: easy-to-cook, compact contains many complex carbohydrates.

The real Italian spaghetti should be produced on the professional line according to the drying technology and recipe. More professional are the developers of automatic line for spaghetti production the better quality of product you will get. On condition of growing demand and effective equipment pasta business will become more attractive and beneficial investment.

UkrTechnoFoods company presents the line for spaghetti and short-cut pasta production. In this development all technological achievements of the company, first-class equipment and efficient technological process are reflected.

Due to 20-year experience of developments all working processes on each production section are brought to maximal efficiency indexes.  So the operating time of equipment is increased, power and production components consumption is reduced and the most important – the capacity of the line has grown.


Flour gets to the automatflour sifter. From the press extruded dough bunch gets to the unit for spreading and cutting edges.   When starting press first time operator have to tuck first bunch of spaghetti in machine manually for putting on the drying rods, after that machine takes dough bunches in the automatic mode, cut into the required length and transport into the preliminary drying chamber.

Spaghetti press

Spreading unit

In the preliminary conveyor-type drying chamber spaghetti is processed by special drying modes to avoid deformation and desiccation of dough bunches in the process of spreading the drying rods on trolleys.

After the preliminary drying chamber spaghetti is fed to the chamber with microclimate where drying rods are put on trolleys by operator. In this chamber conveyor for drying rods accumulation is foreseen for such cases if operator is not in his place for some time. Climate in the chamber is maintained by automatic microclimate system.

After the trolleys are filled they are moved to the drying cabinet where they are dried about 10-14 hours (depends on thickness of spaghetti and dough recipe)
After the drying operator rolls the trolleys out and cuts each drying rod to the required size on the machine for dry cut of spaghetti.
In the end of production process spaghetti are packed into boxes or bundles.

Scraps of dough bunches is not the least of the factors in spaghetti production. They are formed in two cases: after the wet cut and after the dry cut. Wet remains are fed by branch conveyor, pneumatic scraps feeding system and get to the dough kneading machine of the press through special vacuum sluice lock.  
Dry scraps can be dried on the trays in the same drying cabinets – in this way you will get second – rate quality spaghetti which can be also sold but at cheaper price.

There is one more variant of the use of second – rate quality spaghetti: it could be ground into powder and added to the flour.On this line you can produce not only long-cut but also short-cut pasta. For this spreading unit is taken off from the press, automatic tray feeding machine is installed on its place. Drying modes in the preliminary dryer are switched. Trays pass a preliminary drying chamber and get into the chamber with microclimate. In the chamber operator put the trays on the trolleys. After the trolleys are filled they are transported to the drying cabinets.

Short-cut pasta production

Short-cut pasta production

Short-cut pasta

If you complete a set with additional equipment you can produce long-cut pasta products “nests”.

To produce lasagne, beshbarmak (Asian dish) and tatar boraki (Armenian dish) you should complete the line with slot extrusion die, special machine for automatic tray feeding and machine for longitudinal and transversal cutting.


Lasagne production

Lasagne production





Long-cut pasta production process is a high-technology process. As the product is thin and in the end it should be straight, then processes of drying require detailed adherence to the technology.   The most important factor in this process is the time required for filling one trolley and environment in which it is made. For spaghetti not to lose its shape (and humidity) it is necessary to load them on the trolley for a short while, and roll the trolleys into the drying cabinet.
The highest quality spaghetti is made on the automatic lines with conveyor dryers and huge capacities. Because after the forming and cutting dough bunches on the drying rods get into the drying chamber. But such lines require big investments. Many pasta producers do not need such capacity.

Some companies – manufacturers of pasta equipment make the process of spaghetti production easier to meet the demand for small capacity lines by spreading spaghetti on the drying rods after the press and fill them immediately into the trolleys. They exclude preliminary drying process and chambers with microclimate.  The above-mentioned variant is possible only if the capacity of press is high (about 1000 kg/h). The time of trolley filling is minimized. To solve the environment question, some wooden barriers, where the trolley is, are built. 

Technical characteristics of the automatic line for spaghetti production with the capacity of 300 kg/h (electricity/gas):

Dry basis throughput, kg per hour

300 ± 15%



Vacuum depth, atm.

0,8 +0,1/-0,05

Installed power, kW



Consumed power, kW



Water consumption, m3/h


Gas consumption, m³/h



Operating area, m²


(h=4,0 м)


(h=4,0 м)

Operating staff, men


Voltage, V


Rated frequency, Hz


Pasta equipment manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods Ltd.:

Line for the production of short-cut pasta 250 kg/h

Line for the production of short-cut pasta 400 kg/h

Line for the production of short-cut pasta 500 kg/h

Line for the production of short-cut pasta 750 kg/h

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