Автоматическая линия для производства тортильиAutomatic line for tortilla production
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Automatic line for tortilla production

Automatic line for tortilla production

Flour is loaded to the flour sifter 1, from where it is passed to the flour batcher 2 by vertical screw, after that it gets to a dough kneading machine 3. On this stage operator adds water and all ingredients in the required proportion, after this he turns the dough kneading machine on. When the dough is ready operator moves it to the bunker of divider 4.

Divider produces, in its turn, dough pieces in two rows. Further dough pieces move to the press 6 on the feeding conveyor 5. Press forms a piece of the required thickness and shape which is ready for baking in the oven 7.  The oven consists of two tiers. The first one is intended for baking, the second one is intended for cooling of the finished product.The final stage of tortilla production is a transportation of cooled products to the stacker-counter 9 with the help of branch conveyor 8.


Tortilla equipment manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods Ltd.:

Semi-automatic line for production of wheat tortilla

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