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Confectionery industry

Equipment for tortilla production

TortillaUkrTechnoFoods Ltd. offers equipment for Mexican tortilla production.

Mexican tortilla is a round shaped flatbread made of corn or wheat flour, which is the basis for different Mexican food: burritos, tacos, fajitas, etc. Similar dishes with various fillings stuffed in the flatbread are widely offered in fast food outlets, restaurants and at home.

Being Mexican national product tortilla has many admirers in Central America and the United States. Moreover, overcame the ocean, it has actively won European and Asian markets, rapidly gaining popularity in the CIS countries as well.

The growing popularity, simplicity of production technology and recipe make the idea of  Mexican tortilla production attractive. That is why UkrTechnoFoods company has developed a wide range of equipment for the production of tortilla - from small sets of low productivity to high-tech automated lines, requiring a minimum amount of staff.


Equipment for corn tortilla production

Equipment for wheat flour tortilla production

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