Армянский лаваш и пшеничный роллArmenian lavash
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Confectionery industry

Armenian lavash production equipment

Автоматическая линия для производства пшеничного ролла

Traditional method of Armenian lavash baking

Equipment of small and average productivity

Automatic line for the production of Armenian lavash

Automatic line for wheat roll production

Лаваш армянский

About Lavash


Armenian lavash is a most ancient and popular kind of bread. Its uniquity lies in easiness of production, incomparable taste and practically unlimited storage time.

Armenian lavash is a thin oblong flapjack from wheat flour with the length up to 1 meter, width about 0.35 meter at the thickness of 1.5 - 2 mm. The weight of lavash is from 100 to 450 g. The surface of Armenian lavash is slightly bubbly, with brown (roasted) color of swellings and palish color of the other surface. A special feature of Armenian lavash is the full absence of crumb in it. The dough for Armenian lavash is prepared by a straight dough method with using old dough leaven as a fermenter. In a warm form lavash is soft as a flapjack, but then it dries quickly, becoming crimp and hard. The soft form is usually preferable due to a better taste and simplicity of preparing sandwiches, thought the dry form can be used for long keeping. In a dried form lavash can be stored even for a year! In many regions of Armenia a custom is preserved: to bake lavash in autumn to keep it in store for several months. Lavash is being dried, put in stacks, covered and kept. As far as needed, dry lavash is moistened with water, left for half an hour under cloth, and it «comes to life», becomes immensely soft, tender and appetizing. You can put any filling in it. Lavash is precious not only by its gustatory but also by dietetic features. Practically everybody can consume it in any quantities, not fearing to gain excessive weight.

The popularity of Armenian lavash has long ago crossed the borders of Armenia and all the Caucasus. In Russia, Ukraine and other CIS counries and the EU there’s a great demand for lavash.

But the absence of new technologies and the corresponding technological equipment does not allow the producers of lavash to break the limits of traditional, labor-consuming and inefficient manufacturing and to fully satisfy the existing demand.  The attempts of specialists to mechanize and automate the process of lavash production rendered no due industrial effect.

Several years of a painstaking work of the design-engineering bureau of our enterprise brought its fruit. There was developed a new technology, and to this technology there was created a new high-capacity production line, which cardinally differs from all the existing analogues. Such technologies and equipment are an invention, patented in Armenia, Russia and Ukraine.

In this way lavash was made in the past

In this way lavash is made today

In this way lavash will be made in the future







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