Макаронная линия производительностью 500 кг/часLine for the production of pasta 500 kg/h
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Confectionery industry


Pasta line

pasta making

Pasta making line

To impart glassy shine to the pasta line can be completed with additional steam processing. It is patented technology of our company.

Pasta line layout 500 kg/h with preliminary steam processing system

Description of the production process

Pasta press PVM 600

Подача макарон в сушильный комплекс

Подача макарон в дополнительную сушильную камеру

Flour is loaded into the sifter, from where the vertical screw passes it into the vacuum batcher of pasta press, after which it enters the camera of a high-speed mixer. To the same place the water is soaked by vacuum through the calibrated opening. Due to high speed of mixer rotation a mix of flour and water is broken up into very small particles, this makes it possible to humidify a product evenly (what the other manufacturers don’t have). Then the doughgoes to a many-chamber (to increase the duration of mixing and better ripening of the dough) dough kneading machine, from where it is picked out by screw and extruded through the spinnerets of extrusion die, which determine the shape of a specific product. Thus, the entire process, from flour feed by hopper, occurs in vacuum conditions. This, in combination with high-speed kneading, imparts properties enabling to obtain products of excellent quality, to the dough. Greater accuracy of dough humidity keeping is provided by vacuum batcher’s rotation control with frequency converter.

From the extrusion die pasta is cut with a rotating knife and through conveyors and steam-curing chamber falls on the spreading conveyor that evenly distributes them all over the grid of the upper tier of the drying chamber. Poured a few times with a tier to tier, pasta is treated with steam and transferred to the additional tunnel drying chamber.

From the additional drying chamber product is loaded into the storage hopper for final stabilization. The final step is packaging in bags on the packaging machines.

The entire process is automated from flour sifting to packing the finished product. The line is served by the one operator. Besides, one person to load the flour into sifter and two to work on the packaging are required.

The presented equipment allows producing high-quality pasta products both of usual bakery wheat flour and hard wheat flour (semolina).

Our equipment has a high level of performance and produces short-cut pasta of excellent quality, with both glossy and mat surface.Фасовочный автомат

In addition, we are the only company in the CIS that produces pasta conveyor drying chambers, which use natural gas as an energy source. The application of different types of heat exchangers using hot water or steam, as some manufacturers of pasta equipment do, is accompanied by large heat losses and hence lower efficiency. On our equipment the cost of energy resource is minimal. Besides, the drying time of products is much less than that of other manufacturers. On request, we can manufacture also drying equipment with the boiler operating on solid fuel. In this case the cost of production will be even lower..

The above process is the optimal both as according to the technology and on the composition and cost of the equipment.

Our lines are compact, they can be placed in a straight line, L-shaped, U-shaped, adjusting to customer premises.

Technical characteristics:

Capacity of finished product, kg/h

500 ± 15%




Vacuum depth, atm.

0,8 +0,1/-0,05

Dough pressure, atm.

110 ± 10

Drying time, min.


Installed capacity,  kWт



Power consumption, kW



Water consumption for dough, l/h


Gas consumption, m³/h



Production premises, h²


(h=3,5 м)


(h=4,5 м)

Operating staff, person


Voltage, V


Rated frequency, Hz


Pasta equipment manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods Ltd.:

Line for the production of short-cut pasta 250 kg/h

Line for the production of short-cut pasta 400 kg/h

Line for the production of short-cut pasta 750 kg/h

Automatic line for spaghetti and short-cut pasta production with the capacity of 300 kg/h

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