Автоматическая линия для производства пшеничного ролла АЛ 120Automated lines for roll manufacturing
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Confectionery industry

Automatic line for wheat roll production AL-120

Tunnel ovensAutomatic line for wheat roll production AL-120 is a simplified version of the automatic line for thin Armenian lavash production of AL-130 series. Wheat roll (similar to Armenian lavash) of square or rectangular shape is produced on the line.

Distinctive features of the wheat roll:

  • compactness of the line (length - 11 meters);
  • product of square or rectangular shape.

Wheat roll is perfect for cooking various rolls at home. However, despite statements of Russian manufacturers of similar equipment, Flatbread lavashwheat roll is not suitable for shawarma (kebab) production.

Advantages of the line AL-120 over similar equipment of Rus

  • low cost of the line;
  • high quality of the line;
  • using of components of European manufacturers (frequency converters "Schneider Electric" (Germany), motor-reducers "Motorvario", "Transtechno" (Italy), Italian stainless steel);
  • low power consumption - 35 kW/h;
  • high capacity of the line – 120 kg/h.

The line include:

  • extrusion-rolling machine;
  • tunnel oven with knife mechanism;
  • humidifier.

At customer’s request the line can be completed by dough preparing equipment, as well as by stabilization and accumulating conveyors.

Prepared dough is put into the bunker of forming machine which forms continuous dough ribbon. After that dough passes rolling machines, where thickness of dough ribbon is calibrated from 0.2 to 1.5 mm. Width of dough ribbon is regulated from 250 to 400 mm. After the rolling to required thickness dough ribbon gets to the tunnel oven where it is baked.

At customer’s request, cutting unit of the wheat roll to rectangular pieces of required size can be installed either before the baking or after the baking. Length of piece can be regulated by operator in wide range.

After the baking and cutting wheat roll is cooled and humidified.

Line can work in the round-the-clock mode.

Wheat roll is not piled in layers inside the package like classic lavash, it is packed in cellophane in the full length. This type of packaging is very convenient: you do not need to take the whole bread out, you can take out as much bread as you need.


flatbread lavash

wheat roll

bread lavash

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