Макаронная линия производительностью 750 кг/часLine for the production of pasta 750 kg/h
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Description of the production process

Макаронный пресс ПВМ-900

Предварительная сушильная камера (трабатто)

Подача макаронных изделий в сушильную камеру

Сушильная камера

The line for short-cut pasta production with the capacity of 750 kg/h is one of the last developments of “UkrTechnoFoods” company.

Pasta production process begins from flour sifting. Flour is loaded into the sifter, from where the vertical screw passes it into the vacuum sluice-batcher of pasta press. Here the flour batching and vacuum environment creation is made. Water is mixed with flour in a high-speed mixer. Further the entire process, including pasta forming, is made in the vacuum conditions. Sequentially passing three dough kneading bunkers the dough is picked out by extruder’s screw and extruded through the forming extrusion die.

The shape of spinnerets determines a concrete shape of final product.
Improved system of batching and dough preparing allows using hard-wheat flour (semolina) for pasta production.

From the extrusion die pasta gets to the preliminary vibrating drying chamber through the mobile conveyor. It is required to avoid sticking and deforming of pasta products as their humidity is still high (31-33%).

After the vibrating chamber by the vertical conveyor pasta products get to the main drying chamber where the process of low-temperature drying divided into several stages of drying and stabilization starts.  In the chamber there are several tiers of conveyors with stainless steel nets on which the process of pasta drying occurs. After the final drying is finished products get to the additional conveyor drying chamber from the exit of which products with 12% of humidity get to the conveyor with cooling system.

Here they are finally getting cooled after the drying process.
Along conveyors finished pasta products get to the system of accumulation storage hoppers and from there – automatically to the packaging machine, where they are packed into the polypropylene bags of the required weight.

To impart glassiness and glossy shine to pasta the line can be completed with additional unit of hygrothermal processing which is being installed between the pressing machine and vibrating drying chamber.

The entire production process is automated. Two operators serve the line.

pasta making machine

Technical characteristics:

Capacity of finished product, kg/h

750 ± 15%

Vacuum depth, atm.

0,8 +0,1/-0,05

Dough pressure, atm.

110 ± 10

Installed capacity,  kWт


Power consumption, kW


Water consumption for dough, l/h


Production premises, h²


(h=5,0 м)

Operating staff, person


Voltage, V


Rated frequency, Hz


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