Производство транспортеров, изготовление конвейерных систем. Conveyers
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Confectionery industry


Belt conveyors

Screw conveyors

Chain (slat) conveyors


Vibrating conveyors

Keg conveyors

Telescopic conveyors

Storage (turn) table

Company «UkrTechnoFoods» possesses a multi-year experience in designing, manufacturing, assembling and commissioning of various types of conveyors.

The design & engineering bureau of our enterprise has developed hundreds of various conveyors (belt, screw, chain (slat), keg, telescopic, roller-tables) for specific technical tasks and financial abilities of a customer. Conveyors, designed and manufactured by our company, are installed at such enterprises as «Kraft Foods Ukraine» (chips and chocolate factory), «May Tea», «Reemstma-Kyiv» (tobacco factory), Lviv oil & fat concern, Tulchin butter factory, Donetsk city milk processing factory.

Among our designs there are unique items:  Z – shaped, multilayer flow-turn units; conveyors with a drying chamber; conveyors with cooling tunnels; conveyors with pneumatic bands centering; conveyors with knife tails; conveyors with speed regulation, with sensors, meters, controlling elements; conveyors with metal belt, etc. Conveyors can operate independently or as part of a complete plant.

At designing and manufacturing of our conveyors we use parts from the leading world producers: moto-reducers - Motovario, conveyor belts - Chiorino, Habasit.
Our design & engineering bureau is constantly working on advancing the quality of products, using up-to-date technologies.

We shall be glad to see You among our customers.

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