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Pasta production line 250 kg/h

Pasta line

Pasta production line 400 kg/h

Pasta line

Pasta production line 500 kg/h

Pasta line

Pasta production line 750 kg/h

Pasta line

Spaghetti production line 300 kg/h

Spaghetti line

Moulds and dies

Mould and die

UkrTechnoFoods Ltd. is a manufacturer of fully automatic pasta production line since 1994.

Our automatic pasta line is intended for dry short-cut and long-cut (spaghetti) pasta production.

The «UkrTechnoFoods» company possesses a multiyear experience of manufacturing not only pasta production lines but also pasta products. This allows us to manufacture compact automatic lines for short-cut and long-cut (spaghetti) pasta production with the capacity of 3-10 tons per day as well as short-cut pasta production lines with the capacity up to 18-24 tons per day. On these pasta production equipment it is possible to produce vacuum pasta of the highest quality.

The quality of our pasta production lines is not worse than the quality of pasta lines of well-known European manufacturers but our pasta lines are much cheaper.

Manufacturing of pasta production lines had started 14 years ago from small presses with the output of 20-30 kg/h. Deep understanding of pasta production nature allowed us to develop and implement a unique technology. On the basis of this technology our designers created high-capacity modern fully automatic pasta production line which meet all requirements of pasta producers.

Our technology allows shortening the time of pasta drying in average to one hour. Due to that dimensions of the drying chamber, energy consumption and cost of the equipment were reduced.

Pasta, produced on each of our machine for pasta, has a perfect quality. It has an amber color, glassiness, a distinctive gloss, clean cut, no cracks and micro-cracks.

At the same time, net cost of pasta is much lower than at operating similar pasta lines of other manufacturers. The reason of it is an accelerated drying process.

Net cost is also lowered by a technological possibility of using flour made not only from hard wheat but also usual bakery flour with a low content of gluten.
Several years ago we have implemented new drying chambers with using gas heat generators. Energy consumption for drying pasta decreased from 3 to 5 times, it depends on a country (region). Our customers get even greater economic effect.

For maintaining the pasta production line 1-2 operators are required. All processes – from the flour feeding to packaging into sacks of ready products, are automated. Automation of the production process allowed taking away the «human factor» and the quality fluctuation.

Our macaroni production lines are compact, they can be placed in a straight line, L-shaped, flat-topped, adapting to customer premises.

Pay-off period of the pasta production lines is 7-12 months, it depends on a country (region) and the organization of sales.

We carry out assembly, adjustment, commissioning, training and certification of customer’s personnel. Adjustment of technological process is implemented on each type of pasta. The company provides warranty for all pasta machinery for 12 months, and after-sales.

Nearly two hundred of our pasta production lines effectively operate in many cities of Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, India, Poland.


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