Сушильное оборудованиеDrying machinery
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Confectionery industry

Drying equipment

Produce drying equipmentDrying machine


“UkrTehnoFoods” Ltd. produces the development, manufacture, assembly, commissioning and renovation of customer’s existing drying equipment.

We produce drying equipment both conveyor-type and furnace chambers with convection heating. Drying chambers are equipped with automatic climate control.
Convective dryer of products involves supplying heat to the surface of the processed product. Basically, supply is realized due to blowing off of drying chamber by heated in the heat exchanger air. As the heat-carrier hot water, steam, electro heaters etc. can be used. In the process of convective drying heat from the surface of the product is transferred inwards due to its thermal conductivity.

Equipment provides temperature-humidity drying mode and capacity in accordance with customer's specifications.

At your request we can equip drying equipment with devices for loading and unloading of products, as well as with the handlers, that allow you to distribute the product evenly for the same moisture content throughout the volume.

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