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Confectionery industry

Quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008

A detailed analysis of a long-term activity of our company, ISO 9001carried out due to the intentions of our company to increase the share of exports showed that the company needs to improve a product quality. This was connected with increased customer demands and increasing competition in the market segment occupied by us. Reducing production costs became no less important question for the company.

That’s why at the end of 2010 it was decided to develop and implement a quality management system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001.

The main tasks and objectives of implementing the quality management system are:

  • improving product quality and reducing costs by the creation of clear standard ISO 9001:2008business rules of interaction between structural departments;
  • allocation of responsibilities between the executors and leaders of the enterprise;
  • increasing of responsibility for quality work performance;
  • improving of relationships between employees, which in turn will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of work performance and quality of goods and services produced / provided by the company;
  • improving the image of enterprise both on domestic and foreign markets;
  • gaining control over the processes implementation
  • increasing the responsibility of staff at all levels;
  • foreign outlet expansion.

While preparing for certification with the active assistance of the scientific and technical centre "ISO partner” we have passed five stages:

  • preparatory;
  • development of quality management system documentation;
  • training of internal auditors;
  • implementation of quality management system;
  • pre-audit assessment of functioning.

In November 2011 Ltd “TÜV SÜD Ukraine" has been audited the management system of our company for compliance to requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008. As a result, our company gained the Certificate of Conformity issued by international certification body TÜV SÜD.
As a result of the project implementation a new structure chart was formed in the company, relationships between departments were ordered and a quality management system documentation, according to which the company is operating now, was developed, product quality has significantly risen, the number of defective parts and components was reduced, duties and responsibilities of each employee are clearly defined.

Implementing a quality management system render invaluable assistance in advancing to the main goal of our activity - meeting our customers‘ needs in high quality products.

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