Автоматическая линия для производства армянского лаваша АЛ 90Automatic line for the production of Armenian lavash AL-90
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Confectionery industry


Line for armenian lavash AL-90


Line for armenian lavash AL-130


Automatic line for the production of Armenian lavash AL-90

Automatic bakery machine

Automatic lavash line

Lavash line

The line works in the following way:

The dough is prepared in dough-preparing section consisting of:

  • flour sifter-doser;
  • water doser with heating;
  • kneading machine.

Matured dough is shifted into the hopper of forming machine, which forms a continuous ribbon of dough. Then the dough goes through two rolling machines, where the dough ribbon thickness is calibrated from 0.5 to 1.5 mm. The width of the dough ribbon can be adjusted from 250 to 400 mm.

Special devices that sprinkle both sides of the dough ribbon with flour are equipped before rolling machines.

After rolling to the required thickness the dough ribbon enters the tunnel oven, where it is baked. Baked lavash ribbon is moistened evenly with a special device and is carried to the stabilization conveyor at the end of which the blade mechanism cutting the lavash ribbon into pieces of desired length is (the length is installed by operator). After cutting pieces of lavash get to the grouping device which automatically forms groups with a predetermined number of pieces. Then they get to a buffer conveyor, where the humidity of the product is aligned for the one hour. Further packing of groups in polypropylene bags or twisting into coils and wrapping with film in the shape of large "candy" with self-adhesive color label is taking place. Next, the group is packaged in corrugated boxes.

There is also a unique opportunity to twist lavash into coils of various sizes.

The entire process is automated from the forming machine to packaging. Special sensors and controlling elements support all your settings (speed, temperature, humidity, size of lavash, etc.)

The line can work around the clock.
On the AL-90 line in contrast to the AL-60, you can bake lavash not only rectangular, but oval or round shape.

Technical characteristics:

Capacity, kg /h


Number of employees, people / shift


Baking time, sec


The form oflavash

rectangular, oval, round

The thickness oflavash, mm


Installed power,kW


Power consumption,kW


Voltage, V


Overall dimensions,mm







Weight, kg


For our customers from European Union and other European countries we manufacture lines which satisfy all requirements of appropriate European Directives. They meet all European Standards and have CE Eurocertificate.

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