Грузинский лаваш и узбекская лепешкаGeorgian lavash
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Confectionery industry

Equipment for Georgian lavash production

Flatbread lavashLavash flatbread

There are two types of Georgian lavash: "puri" and "shoti". They are similar by the technology and ingredients of the dough but have different shapes and baking time.

Traditional method of production of the Georgian lavash is sufficiently time-consuming and complicated process, especially at the stage of baking: a baker needs skills and professionalism. Knowing these features, our engineering and design department specialists have designed a new oven in essence, which is easier to maintain and more productive.

Our equipment makes it possible to improve the whole process and keep the flavor qualities of this type of bread.
The equipment operates as follows:

The dough is preparing in the dough-preparing section consisting of a flour sifter 1, weighing machine 2, two bowls 3, kneading machine 4 and water batcher 5. After some time needed for maturing, the dough is manually divided on the table 7 into dough balls weighing 400-450 g, which are placed to the shelves of proofing cabinet 8. After about 20 minutes dough balls are transferred to the molding table 9, where they are formed and stretched on "cushion" 10. After the finished bread is removed from the brick hearth of oven 11 and placed on cooling shelves half-finished products get to its place by the light stroke of "cushion". Baking time and temperature are set by the operator.

The presented equipment is versatile: you can also bake Uzbek flatbread and other similar types of bread on it.
Product quality is not worse than the quality of lavash, baked in the traditional way.Georgian lavash production

All equipment is manufactured at our own production premises; our specialists will provide you with all information you are interested in. We carry out commissioning and staff training.

The advantages of our ovens:


  • Simplicity for baker’s work, all equipment is at the level of human height
  • The oven is of closed construction that does not lead to premises heating and to heat loss by reducing energy consumption
  • Easy to maintain, requires no special professional skills of baker
  • The equipment is completed with the Italian reduction gearmotor "Motovario", a frequency converter "Schneider" and faced with Italian stainless steel sheet

The hearth of oven is made of refractory bricks, which provide high-quality baking products, In contrast to tandoor our oven has all the necessary certification documents and ensures the safe work of service staff.

Technical characteristics:

Capacity, pieces per/hour


Installed capacity, kW


Power consumption, kW


Voltage, V


Number of workers, person per shift



-length, mm


-width, mm


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