Матнакаш и другие виды хлебаMatnakash and other types of bread
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Confectionery industry

Line for the production of matnakash and other types of bread

Matnakash is a traditional soft Armenian bread. The word matnakash literally means finger draw or finger pull, referring to the way the bread is prepared. The bread is very tasty, crispy and with the snow-white porous crumb.

Traditionally matnakash is produced in sectional baking cabinets. This method has a number of disadvantages: low productivity and high labour-intensiveness and power consumption. That's why the engineering and design department of our company developed a universal line for matnakash baking and production,  greatly simplifying the technology without affecting the quality of manufactured product.


Bakering equipment

Bread production

The line works in the following way:
Sacks of flour shall be established manually on the sack dumper 2, automatically lifted and overturned in a sifter. Sifted flour is given to a flour feeder 3, where is automatically measured out in doses and supplied into the dough mixer 6. There also the heated water from the automatic heating and flour measuring system 4, 5 is supplied and other ingredients are added according to recipe. At the end of kneading the dough is reloaded manually into the vat 7 and is given to the division–rounding section.

Dough is transferred out of the vat 8 by dough dumper to the dough separating chamber 9, where  a half-finished products of a given mass are formed. After the division half-finished products are transferred to a belt rounder 10, from which fall on the table 11. The operator lays out them into three tiers of the preliminary proof conveyor 12 by 4 pieces in a row. After the proof half-finished products are supplied to the forming section by conveyor 14.

Forming is produced by 3 people manually; they lay out half-finished products on the baking trays. Next, the trays are given into the final proof cabinet 15, where, after passing the steaming chamber, fall into the furnace 17. After the furnace operator take away half-finished products from the trays to the table 20, and baking trays to the cooling conveyor 19, which transfer them to the beginning of the line. The operator lays out half-finished products from the table to the conveyor of cooler 21, where they are blown by the ventilators. At the exit of the cooler operator lays out the bread on the mobile shelves 22 where it is cooled to room temperature and then given to the packaging.

The line can work in a round-the-clock mode.

Advantages of universal line: 

  • high capacity;
  • less labor;
  • even baking;
  • low power consumption;
  • the opportunity to bake other types of bread;
  • short pay-off period

Technical characteristics:

Capacity, pieces per/hour


Weight of ready product, kg


Number of workers, person per shift


Installed capacity, kW


Power consumption, kW


Voltage, V



-length, mm


-width, mm


-height, mm


weight, kg


*Dough-preparing section – 1 person
Main equipment – 1 person
Package section – 7 persons

As the developers of this equipment we can manufacture the line of lesser or greater capacity on request.

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